my first photo
I purchased my first "serious" mirrorless camera in March 2015. 
Prior to this, I had used only a point and shoot, and I barely knew my way around that!*
And here are the very first photos I took with my new super serious camera (RIP  Snoodles).

Photo #1: Yikes. I clearly had no idea how to read a histogram..

Photo #7:  I think I was just wildly spinning dials around at this point.

Over time, with a lot of practice, research and more practice, I did get better.  
And it has changed my life and how I see the world.
Photography is now one of the great unadulterated joys of my life.

But we all have to start somewhere. So keep on shooting!
*  Full disclosure: I took film photography for a year in high school but my instructor was a real witch, so I didn't learn a whole lot. This also explains why it took me so many years to attempt learning photography again.
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